Which folding/micro bicycle do you have, and why?

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Re: Which folding/micro bicycle do you have, and why?

Postby Brian on Sun May 06, 2012 7:56 am

After Brompton and Mobiky Louis (12 inches), now I´ve got the third one, a "Giant Subway", and I like to give a short review.

I drove 2000km with each one, the Brompton and the Mobiky, and in the meantime a few hundred with the Subway.

http://www.giant-bicycles.com/de-de/bik ... 900/51299/

The Subway:


- The frame junction looks stable, but the fixing isn`t as good as it seems. The frame is "working" while driving, and, to avoid slackness, I had to fix it with an additional rubber pad.
- I'm not so tall (1.68m), but the max. saddle adjustment is under the limit for comfortable driving
- The folded dimensions, I didn`t measure, but the package is just a little bit bulky and not so clear shaped as Brompton/Mobikys. The handlebar is big.
- Driving losses, such as (cheep) pedals and chain glider


- The frame (not the junction) feels very stable, as solid as riding the Brompton.
- The drivability is, in some aspects, excellent. The curve radius is very small (seems at least so), and the driving comfort is very high (although there are no additional shock absorbers, but the tires are "big apple")
- Traction is very good, nearly independent from ground quality, and this results in safety ride feeling.
- The handlebar is adjustable
- 8 hub gears

Some things are strange, such as the roller brakes, they are working well and sensitive, but they are not designed for riding in the (higher) mountains. In my tested area there where only a few hundred meters difference of altitude, no heavy terrain, so I can`t write anything about it.

I think, the fun of driving is associated with the tires, it is a pretty useful combination, a folding bike with big apples. Riding a good quality road, the Brompton would be the better choice, but the Subway is the better one for garden-variety ways. I like the Subway very much, because of its allround qualities, and in the next vacation I will take it with me.


In the meantime I had a closer look to the saddle adjustment, it is possible. After releasing the saddle fixation, I saw a small aluminium sheet inside. This sheet can be released by an allen-key and moved to another position, and the new max. saddle position is fixed in this way.

There is only one open issue I feel insecure. The saddle stick is 54cm long. On the frame there is a label that shows, 8cm are the minimum stick length, that must remain in frame. So I calculated 46cm of max. saddle position. But if the saddle is pulled out, on the stick is another max. position engraved. I measured the total remaining length at this position, and this was only 40cm.
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Re: Which folding/micro bicycle do you have, and why?

Postby Guest on Tue Dec 04, 2012 3:49 pm

Hi all,
I have an older Bickerton Portable, didn't plan on owning a folder but I saw it on c-list and thought it was a pretty cool looking bike so I bought it, glad I did! I did a few updates on it (Sturmey Archer 3 speed, Brooks B-17 Champion Special, saddle bag, Japanese brass bell, ) Pretty usefull little bike. I do my weekend flea market runs on it. :D









Re: Which folding/micro bicycle do you have, and why?

Postby eugeneweekh on Tue Dec 25, 2012 3:13 am

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all foldy friends: )

I ridden to work everyday with my 2 folding companion. Swapping them between days.

Strida LT White - Stock unit. Removed original plastic back support. Front & Rear Cateye LED. Additional Fiber Flare - Red @ Rear.

IF Mode - Black. Stock unit. Front Cateye Nano HL620. Rear Fiber Flare - Red.
* Most of the time I left office after 7.30pm. Both front n rear illumination became extremely important!


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Re: Which folding/micro bicycle do you have, and why?

Postby Guest on Fri Jul 26, 2013 3:19 pm

Well I have Two :
A brompton M6R and a dahon vitesse D7
why ? because I wanted to have front bags attached to the head tube to carry my load to the office.
Because I ride 13 km *2 everyday = gears were essentials

Why two of them ? i would buy more if I could, I just love folding bikes for their look, performances and inventivity

My Brompton :

My loaded Dahon D7 :

Re: Which folding/micro bicycle do you have, and why?

Postby rich9cinti on Thu Aug 29, 2013 5:01 pm

Just delivered yesterday is my first and only folding bike, the 2013 Dahon Vector P8. The reason for me to get a folding bike is for portability. I wanted a bike that had performance features with quality/value in mind. Although the Vector P8 on paper and appearance would lean towards performance, it can easily be accessorized with commuter parts like fenders, front truss storage and a rear rack. Racks and storage is not an immediate need since I carry messenger EDC bags and backpacks. Fenders might be the first thing I would add on for riding in rain.

I'm a semi-pro photographer. I leave my bulky pro equipment at home when I'm traveling and on leisure shoots. I have a portable camera system that I carry with me everyday. With that in mind, I wanted my cycling to follow the same principle. Thus, a folding bike made sense with no racks or special equipment and clothing needed to ride around while I'm out taking leisurely photos in the city or rural areas. So glad I did!

I also ride a customized 2003 Lemond Buenos Aires road bike and have ridden in several 300 mile treks. I also have a customized 1998 Litespeed Unicoi Mtn bike that I have competed on in my younger days. I still ride both bikes but are used for specific reasons and required me to where bike clothing and specialized shoes that make me walk like a duck :) I needed a commuter type bike that was sporty but has a casual feel where I can wear regular clothing and shoes BUT I did not want a full sized bike where I would need a rack of any sort to transport.

The Dahon Vector P8 at $799 with free FedEx shipping from NYCeWheels fit the bill and was a fantastic value in my humble opinion. It fits easily in the trunk of my 2012 Hyundai Elantra. It only occupies about a third of the trunk.

I did consider shelling out more for the renowned Brompton but needed more value to price.
Folding-Dahon Vector P8
Road-Lemond Buenos Aires
MTN-Litespeed Unicoi
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Re: Which folding/micro bicycle do you have, and why?

Postby SteveH on Sun Jun 15, 2014 6:04 am

Greetings. I've just joined this forum.
I've got a red Brompton traveller, 10+ years old, made just before tha last major redesign. I haven't used it much of late, but am starting to do so again.
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Re: Which folding/micro bicycle do you have, and why?

Postby ancientbicyclist on Tue Aug 12, 2014 7:28 pm

Hi All,

I just bought an used "unique-bike" with 8 inch wheels. The owner got it from another person and did not have the manual, so I have been working hard on the Internet to find out anything at all, that I possibly can, about the bike. So far have found nothing. Maybe one of you could help. I called the company phone number on the bike, 1-888-551-9440, but it was out of service and went to the website, also on the bike frame, http://www.uniqueimportusa.com, and it no longer exists.

I mainly bought the bike because I will be traveling internationally and wanted to bring along a small folding bike that could be taken on any passenger plane in the world without any problem. I will be using the bike for transportation on my trips and take it aboard public transportation along the way (trains, buses, etc.) when I am tired, or distance or terrain is prohibitive.
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Re: Which folding/micro bicycle do you have, and why?

Postby chriscross1966 on Mon Oct 24, 2016 9:00 am

Brompton H3R about to get some serious upgrades. 6 years ago I moved into a place 30 miles from work and as the bus service is good and I don't like driving much I got a Brompton M3L to deal with the three miles to and from bus stops. Two years later I had a list of what I wanted different and bought a brand new H3 with a rack and the Shimano hub dynamo and promptly swapped the headlamp for the B+M that Brompton listed with the SON dynamo... Roll forward four years and I have a new list... Unfortunately none of it is available from Brompton, so I've got my local dealer to source a new rear triangle to take an 11-speed Alfine, and assuming that Schmidt can build me a SON-XS in green with a Brompton skewer but 32 holes then I will have a colour-matching front wheel. Front light upgrade to the Luxos IQ2 U, rearlight to the B+M Toplight with both brakelight and an off switch... Now to sort out something that is basically an Extrawheel Voyager trailer with a 16 inch wheel...
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Re: Which folding/micro bicycle do you have, and why?

Postby jtnkkm on Sat Oct 21, 2017 4:33 am

I have an Ancheer folding bike, it's an electric folding bike so it's quite heavy and it requires extra maintenance, like charging the battery, but I love it
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Re: Which folding/micro bicycle do you have, and why?

Postby EssGee on Thu Jan 18, 2018 12:05 am

Columbia Compax
Columbia.jpg (213.71 KB) Viewed 5010 times
Solorock Hunter
Solorock.jpg (214.28 KB) Viewed 5015 times
Australian Bickerton
Bickerton.jpg (228.43 KB) Viewed 5010 times
Suffering from GAS (gear acquisition syndrome), I have 4 folding bicycles:

* A vintage Bickerton (English edition).

* Another Bickerton (Australian edition).

Bickertons are so much fun to ride - like a giant flexing shock absorber.

* A Solorock Hunter.

* A Columbia Compax.
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