Strida + Rollator = Knee Rollator Combo

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Strida + Rollator = Knee Rollator Combo

Postby RollatorGuySweden on Tue Oct 11, 2011 9:47 am

Not a finished product, just a wild idea. And I am not a good thinker even nor a handy man.
But I do have a Strida folded Bike. The bad thing is that even as folded it is still a Bike
and rules for bikes are that them are not allowed here in Sweden in Shops/Malls
and on Train or Bus not on the "rush hour" when the transportation crowded.

A Rollator is a kind of exception to these rules due to it is a "Mobility Aid" for us with
balance problem. Now I do have mild balance problem, enough to have problem using
my Strida. Nimble steering. And in the winter I always fall on snow and ice. Bending ribs
and so on.

So I have accepted that a Rollator in the Winter is a must for me.
But the Rollator only takes care about the balance and not the knee aching/hurting/
So what does people usually do? Them invest in a Mobility Scooter. Very expensive
and heavy to lift and are usually rather big.

So I thought. Why not make a "Combo" of a Strida and a half Rollator?

Like this. You take away the pedals and the "chain" and that way the Strida is not a
real bike anymore and can be seen as a Balance Bike for Grown ups. A "Mobility Aid"
more than a transportation vehicle that should be out in the traffic. A Rollator should
be used on a SideWalk/Pavement side of the street so if one can make a Combo
that way one get away from the Traffic and are less vulnerable.

The Strida + Rollator = Knee Rollator Combo uses the Rollator as a trailer when
the Strida is the Balance Bike function. But the when the Strida is folded then
it becomes the rear/back wheel for the Rollator that becomes a "Reverse Rollator"
One drag it behind instead of having it in front.

Example of "Reverse Rollator/Waker" is this one from ErgoAgil Germany
or this one Crocodile Reverse Walker
So the principle is that one have the seat behind instead of on in front when one walk.
So in my combo the folded Strida becomes the rear wheel in a three wheeled "Reverse Rollator/Walker.

My simple drawing is almost on scale. Millimeter metric but I still have not figured out
how to make a flexible and functional coupling that works both when folded and unfolded.
Don't care about the text in Swedish, click on the picture link. :)

Re: Strida + Rollator = Knee Rollator Combo

Postby RollatorGuySweden on Wed Oct 12, 2011 7:36 am

I've tried to make the picture a bit less confusing.
To the left there is the old drawing where Strida
is still folded and the half Rollator is in Trailer position.

Then to the right is when the Rollator is turned around.
Strida still unfolded and Rollator in right position to work
as Rollator and the Strida only has to be folded in under.

The Combo work as a Rollator that are three wheeled with
two Strida wheel locked together. You sit and rest on the Rollator
and the Strida seat should be well back to not be in the way.

The devil is in the details so to make it work may be unpractical.
Only an actual full scale test version will show where it fails if ever.

Kind comments urgently welcomed :)

Re: Strida + Rollator = Knee Rollator Combo

Postby TomT on Wed Oct 12, 2011 11:12 am

Good luck sounds fun !!

(maybe get some old Strida bits from Ebay and lash up a prototype/ test rig ??

Re: Strida + Rollator = Knee Rollator Combo

Postby RollatorGuySweden on Wed Oct 12, 2011 5:46 pm

Thanks for caring about me. The Strida 3 version that I ahve seems a compromize.
it has mechanical coupling between the wheels instead of magnets. And I almost always
fail to put the reliably together and if them get together then it is a pain to take them apart.

Sadly I don't trust that the Guards at the Train stations accept that a real Strida with pedals
and drive is something else than a Bicycle and the rules for them make it difficult for me to
be traveling at the times that suites me best.

So I plan to take away the pedals first and see if them accept that the non-usable drive could still be there and see the whole set up as a a Rollator when folded together with the half rollator
making up a three wheeled rollator that is also a balance bike with an attached trailer for food.

As such it is only used outside any facility and only used on pavement as a Mobility Aid keeping ultra low speed to not hurt any people that walk.

My drawing is not very complete. in one of the suggestions one can keep both stabilizing
"thing" but the latest suggestion then one can only have the vertical one and the horizontal
needs to be rebuild so it allow that one place Strida inside it.

The very difficult thing is to find angles and put holes and connections so it in the end
becomes a practical combo that can stand my 100KG weight.

I wish some real Bike constructor would look into it.

I don't mind of somebody in China or some other big country make their version of it
as long as them use real and not faked Strida. Cheap Rollators are easy to come by.

One really don't need have a half Rollator one can mimic using standard Industry caster wheels
and make a DIY half rollator to make the Combo. Could be easier if one have the tools.

Re: Strida + Rollator = Knee Rollator Combo

Postby RollGuySweden on Thu Oct 13, 2011 11:06 am

Hahah sad news followed by maybe Good News! :)

It failed. Miserably even. I am such a poor thinker and even worse as a mechanic.

The saddle on the Strida will hurt my back and them compete one with a height of
say 75 Cmtr to say 90 if one are the height as Mark Sanders. I am about his height.

Okay so I have to rethink and maybe just maybe I have found something that works.

Look here. Sadly text in Swedish but skip that and look at the pics

The pic that say Strida+Rollator-maybe-works.jpg but you have to use your imagination.

The rollator is folded in the pic but should be unfolded. The Strida should remain folded though.

okay then the Rollator is half it has no rear wheel only the caster front wheels that acts as
trailer wheels when one use the Strida as a balance bike and push kick oneself to the place
one want to be. So there are two positions.

1. Strida as balance bike with no pedals or drive chain. Rollator as a trailer with no rear wheel.
2. Rollator in front with a folded Strida that has the function of being the rear wheels of the Rollator.

Making this combination allows them to fill their roles rather okay I hope. It looks promising.

I only have to come up with good ways to couple them together. So what do you say?
Is it the way forward? I mean what else could work. I am a poor designer of such "Transformers"
so no wonder I still have not accomplish a working solution.

The Voyager Seated Knee Scooter seems to be the commercial unit that is more practical
but them exists only in USA and cost a fortune.
I have already payed for the Strida 3 and the Carl-Oskar Rollator so I want to combine
them into a working solution for me.

Re: Strida + Rollator = Knee Rollator Combo

Postby Essentialaids on Thu Mar 14, 2019 12:53 pm

You can try these rollator walker which is very comfortable and easy to use.
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