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Re: CHEDECH: Quest to create the ultimate folding bike!

Postby chedech on Wed Sep 09, 2015 12:03 am

Dear Folding Bike Riders,
This is Oscar. I am running the chedech team. It has been brought to my attention that some people do not like chedech, considering it a copy of Brompton. At this time, I feel I need to say something:
There could be several different reasons to design a new bike. Some designers from an engineering background might want to introduce a completely new kind of bike and surprise people with their bold new concept. But I did not start from that place.

I liked Brompton very much, but I wanted a lighter model that rode and felt more like a standard bike. I was just one bike rider, who dreamed of having a carbon folding bike. But such a bike did not exist! So I studied why there were no carbon folding bikes on the market.

I came to realize that a single-lined frame structure does not favor carbon material because it shakes due to its flexibility. If you have ever tried a carbon seat post, then you would know that it’s too flexible for a longer seat post used for normal MTB or Road bikes. So, it seemed impossible, but I made up my mind to start this project anyhow.

In the beginning, I was thinking of making an exchangeable carbon frame for Brompton, but I discovered it was not that simple. The frame has to be thicker in order to diminish the shaking movement between the handle bar and saddle. So, I started to design the whole bike with new concept, and it took 3 years.

There are some people who could try to start this kind of new business, but only a few would be able to experiment for three years on this seemingly impossible project. I also designed some new innovations into the carbon structure.

1. Carbon Frame: I adopted a hexa frame in the beginning, which became poly-frame (with up to 12 planes) in the end. But that new frame did not work well against the twisting movement. So, I had to put more ideas, and that kept on going until I produce 6 different frames. I was not sure I could really make it, until I finish the final sixth frame. Anyway, the final one is more than a perfect one. One of the big global Brompton agents tested my bike during Eurobike, and he said that he was really surprised at the rigid riding feeling, not matching his pre-calculation about single lined carbon frame.

2. New Hinge System: We invented new hinge designs. The main hinge, which connects the main frame and the rear frame is completely different. We are not showing it clearly in our photos and video because we want to keep it a secret until we release our bike. It works in a different way from Brompton. It can be folded without loosening the lever, only with slight force on the rear mud guard with your hand or foot.

And also, we adopted quick release lever on the main frame and handle post, which allows a faster folding than Brompton. We wanted to invent something new and improved to make chedech unique and upgraded. You will be able to fold it faster than Brompton.

3. Android Bike: As a Brompton user, I thought that it would be convenient if parts could be exchanged with standard bike parts. With chedech, you can easily change your handle bar, saddle, brake and wheel sets, except for the rear brake, which has unique arm length. So, you can customize chedech into whatever you want, and you can even make it even lighter if you so desire.

4. Different Size: It looks similar, but it has a totally different size and shape in all details. It’s a carbon one, and that does not allow 90 degree angle in all parts — it’s more roundish. The main frame is thicker. The wheel set is 18 inch, and you can easily upgrade it with other normal mini-velo wheel set. So, I just adopted the folding method, which has been open to the public since 1999.

5. Carbon Feeling: If you are a Brompton user, then you will immediately notice that our bike does not feel like a Brompton. It is light and fast, and it absorbs impact. It is more similar to a carbon road bike. I am now conducting test rides, and people are confirming this factor.

When I think about your comments, I know you are cherishing Brompton. I also admire Brompton. But I was not completely satisfied with my Brompton, and I think some of you might feel the same way. The only difference is that I was crazy enough to endeavor three years in search of the ultimate folding bike!

Some bike business people I know are saying that I should be worried about another copy bike of chedech, but I am not. I know that if they want to produce one-lined carbon bike as chedech, then they have to go through the same trials I did, but still they will not be sure they could make it.

The folding bike market is not warm place. I know that, and I don’t want to beg your favor. That will be an insult to my bike, chedech.

But we are all bike riders, sharing the same joy and feelings from riding. Please think about this . . . One day, if you happen to think about making a bike you really want to ride, then you will be in the same place where I began this project. This can happen to any biker.

So, please, regard me as one of you. I did not have a bike company before I started this insane project, and now I have gone through a great deal to produce something special. I did not build this with money, but with a dream, sweat, and also with a crazy zeal. I sincerely hope you will view our bike in a different light.

With thanks, Oscar of chedech.
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Re: CHEDECH: Quest to create the ultimate folding bike!

Postby on Tue Apr 18, 2017 7:02 pm

I am surprised that the Chedech still has a weight of 9 kg, without pedals (why pedals?) Not much lighter than Brompton. Can you please tell the weightdifference of the carbonparts ws steelparts? Complete framey/fork and upright tube/rearframe/ seattube/handle . Of course all with hinges.

Erik, Norway


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