Idea for an inexpensive Carryme cover

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Idea for an inexpensive Carryme cover

Postby jaynh on Wed Dec 10, 2008 9:53 pm

Here's my idea for an inexpensive Carryme cover, made from an old jacket, that stores under the seat.
After folding the bike, just unzip the two velcro straps (shown in yellow), let the cover drop down, swing the sides around the bike and zip it up the front like a jacket.
Fast and easy!
This would be permanently attached to the seat rails (like an underseat bike bag) so it's always available.
Roll it up and secure with velcro straps when not it use.
Cover could be made from an old Denim or Nylon jacket or windbreaker leaving the front zipper intact.
(The sleeves would have to be removed and the back of the jacket will have to be altered and narrowed to fit the Carryme)

Stored position (rolled up under seat):

Unzip velcro straps and let the cover drop

Cover fully dropped

Opening the sides

Fully opened

Wrap around and zip up

Reverse procedures to close and store.
I'm going to have one sewn up for my Carryme. Tell me what you think
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Re: Idea for an inexpensive Carryme cover

Postby Amuro Lee on Fri Dec 12, 2008 12:07 am

Nice idea! ;)

Even the optional dust cover made by Pacific Cycles is not as neat as yours.


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