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Brompton Durability

Postby Hordehunterx on Sat Mar 31, 2018 8:35 pm

First time posting here.

Just a brief background,
I'm currently a student of architecture and i work as a cycle courier for the past 2 years. I love cycling and being a skateboarder in the past... I tend to treat my bike pretty rough, i take care of it thoroughly too!
I currently ride a Genesis Croix de Fer and i love it to bits. I love to bunny hop onto curbs, 180s, a bit of wheelies and i crash a lot too! All for good fun. The Genesis takes it really well and totally indestructible, my dream bike truly.

I'm moving to London this summer for my year out placement and I dont think my bike would cut it, I can't see myself risking it getting stolen and carrying up flights of stairs or storing it in my flat. So... BROMPTON.

They look like great bikes and I love the craftsmanship and the fact that their steel! I would buy one new, probably an S6L... maybe Titanium? (graduation present to myself)...
Can they handle the abuse? How do you treat yours? I'm concerned as a folding bike would have weak points around the folding joints? Any Advice?

Thank you!

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