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Birdy in Hong Kong : Me + Birdy

Postby AkinTa on Thu Sep 23, 2010 4:43 pm

A friend from Hong Kong saying Hello to everyone. :D

g1 P1000485 s x.JPG
g1 P1000485 s x.JPG (147.48 KB) Viewed 1890 times

g4 P1000542 s x.JPG
g4 P1000542 s x.JPG (141.04 KB) Viewed 1886 times

g5 P1000530 s.JPG
g5 P1000530 s.JPG (161.84 KB) Viewed 1835 times

g6 P1000523 s.JPG
g6 P1000523 s.JPG (154.18 KB) Viewed 1846 times

g7 P1000531 s.JPG
g7 P1000531 s.JPG (123.82 KB) Viewed 1833 times

g8 P1000522 s.JPG
~ FSA SL-K Light ~
g8 P1000522 s.JPG (142.74 KB) Viewed 1833 times

g9 P1000534 s.JPG
New Titanium Bar
g9 P1000534 s.JPG (98.48 KB) Viewed 1834 times

g10 P1000533 s.JPG
g10 P1000533 s.JPG (138.97 KB) Viewed 1818 times

P1000627 s s.jpg
P1000627 s s.jpg (171.05 KB) Viewed 1821 times

P1000626 s s.jpg
P1000626 s s.jpg (153.61 KB) Viewed 1804 times

P1000591 s s.jpg
P1000591 s s.jpg (148.79 KB) Viewed 1807 times

P1000593 s s.jpg
P1000593 s s.jpg (163.11 KB) Viewed 1800 times
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