Electric mini folding bike - Twister minibike DIY

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Electric mini folding bike - Twister minibike DIY

Postby Leszczynowiec on Tue Dec 10, 2013 2:01 pm


Electric folding mini bike - DIY
- Twister mini-bike (mass production)
- 8 inch wheels
- Weihgt ~10kg
- PowerHD 6362-250KV - brushless motor
- RC smart 80A ESC - speed controller
- ATTINY26 + twist grip throttle (0-5V) - speed control
- 11T Sprocket + 55T sprocket
- 4C (14,8V) 5000mAh - lipo battery
- Dimensions after folding: 100x40x20 cm

- Max speed: 23km/h
- Distance: 4,5km (on 5000mAh)
- Current consumption acceleration: 30-35A
- Current consumption constant speed (23km/h): 20-25A
- My weight: 83kg


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